Jumper tales..

Oversized jumper + tiny belt = So chic!


oh that dress!

Even though it wasn't such a warm day I couldn't resist to put on that Roberto Cavalli dress and take some photos! love the print and the texture! Worn with one of my favorite pair of booties an Asos ring and a vintage ring...



Love the denim skirt...and the watch..and the bracelets..and the clutch..pretty much everything i guess!
In another case all these together would seem busy and a bit confusing, but here, aren't they "meant to be together"?
It's not about what you wear, or even how many of it,but how you wear it..Make some "noise" out there..



The rock side

(Zara jacket, Asos T-shirt, Asos rings, Versace Booties)


Chanel stories

There will always be a Chanel fashion story !!


All these little details..





I have to admit that i am not the common shoe addict, i wouldn't consider myself a big jewellery lover and one of the reasons why i love-love-love Carine Roitfield is the fact that she never carries a pursue ( even though i cannot avoid it ). At the same time i could "melt" in the view of an evening dress or a sophisticated jacket.
And here i come to the point. No matter how well dressed you can be, combining different trends, lines and proportion, it's really "All about the details". While looking at some great outfits i thought of "isolating" some key pieces and combinations that can really turn a great outfit to perfection and move your style forward. Don't forget "mix n match" it's not just a matter of clothes or even basic accessories.Feel free and play!



I instantly fell in love with this skirt when I saw it! so airy and flary that makes me wanna wear it all the time!here worn as a dress...
(Acne skirt, ASOS shoes, ASOS faux fur headband, Alexander McQueen scarf)


The suede leather shorts!

Even in winter a pair of shorts can always be stylish and help you create a great look! These suede leather shorts are so amazing that I can't seem to take them off!
(topshop shorts, topshop booties, Zara sweater, Uterque belt and scarf)


sock them!

a pair of net socks like those can really upgrade a very simple outfit like that...reminds me a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw!don't hesitate to wear them as they can be very stylish and pretty!  (Gap dress, ZARA shoes, Harrods socks)


Old school

In other words the loose blazer , the low boots and the pretentious hair.Special detail: the Satchel one of the hottest trends of this autumn!


The Low-Profile Fur

Maybe there isn't anything magnificent on this, but it's a perfect example of how minimal pieces can "afford" the fur ,  making a great morning outfit. This winter that fashion goes a little wild, balance is the key to not crossing the line of the "too much" area...


The high waisted pants!

This season is all about high waisted pants! this pair of ASOS really drove me nuts! Even more when I paired them with this Isabelle Marant top and Topshop booties! Love the shape and the colour and especially this beautiful bow on the waist...


The Pants Issue

I wouldn't dare to say that a pair of pants is the new dress. But i cannot help but say how great can a great pair of pants be. Different shapes, colors, motives and styles as seen above that can make a woman seem both classy and sophisticated and why not even sexy? Invest on the amazing look that pants will offer you and keep a low profile when it comes to the rest of the outfit...


Couples in style

             ..a bit "preppy"

..a bit "rock 'n ' roll"