All these little details..





I have to admit that i am not the common shoe addict, i wouldn't consider myself a big jewellery lover and one of the reasons why i love-love-love Carine Roitfield is the fact that she never carries a pursue ( even though i cannot avoid it ). At the same time i could "melt" in the view of an evening dress or a sophisticated jacket.
And here i come to the point. No matter how well dressed you can be, combining different trends, lines and proportion, it's really "All about the details". While looking at some great outfits i thought of "isolating" some key pieces and combinations that can really turn a great outfit to perfection and move your style forward. Don't forget "mix n match" it's not just a matter of clothes or even basic accessories.Feel free and play!

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Marina said...

We all love these little details that Olivia Palermo put in her outfits...!