(Abercrombie jacket, shirt and shorts, Marni boots, Balenciaga bag)


Oversize shirt...!

(Burberry shirt, Topshop Booties, Zara belt, Chanel bag)

I love wearing an oversize shirt as a dress with a belt on the waist! I think it gives a great sense of coziness and it looks really stylish... and it is so easy to find one! you can take your mother/ father/ brother/ boyfriend 's shirt and turn it so easily into a cool outfit!


Plaid !

 (topshop dress, Asos booties, Zara fur coat, balenciaga bag)


Braid them!

Or current obsession..best thing to do when you have no idea what to do with those hair. Simple (yes, you just need to practice), safe and kind of hippie..
No worries its' imperfections make it perfect!

Real People

Real Curves

Real Age

Real Size

I've meaning since a long time to make a post about real fashion. And what is this supposed to mean? Real fashion, for real people in the REAL world..Editorials, catwalks and red carpets are truly great and fun as well but why not saying the same for people that you see every day all around in any occasion? Women and men of all ages and sizes that you come across and add a little style note, making your day. Why is this so underestimated? Is fashion made for models? Not necessarily..Is style a matter of size or place?? Certainly not..Is there any model cutter than the girl in the last photo?
..mmm and still no heels.
Here's an interesting article of Franca Sozzani, Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia about Dressing for living, take a look!


a loose shirt !

 (Asos trousers, Mickael Kors clutch, Irregular choice booties, Jaeger Shirt)


Flare! another 70's look...

(Zara fur, LAK shirt, Zara jeans, Hermes bag, vintage earings)


"old" knitwear!

(Kurt Geiger shoes, ASOS cardigan, Uterque socks, Zara skirt, vintage purse)

I really love that vintage sense of this cardigan, a little bit worn, a liitle bit destoyed...and I especially like it when it's worn with an edgier pair of shoes and knee high socks!


Destination: Venice

Photos by P.Gavalas

Put the blame on February being the month of Love and Romance- i suppose- being the month of the famous Carnival..and then again there is this restless feeling and then you come across these lovely pics from a friend. And here you are making plans once more..I love plans i really do (probably more than actual facts) everything seems so ideal and nothing but seriously nothing can go wrong in your plans.
The really great thing about trips is giving you something to be waiting for, all these great expectations but even when they're over they let you keep all these memories, brand new things that you saw or thought,new people, new dreams, new plans, new targets.So, no matter what, do not forget about trips instead go and get them, either we're talking about a real trip or an imaginary one like this post i guess.
Venice stay right there..I'm coming sooner or Later!!