Destination: Venice

Photos by P.Gavalas

Put the blame on February being the month of Love and Romance- i suppose- being the month of the famous Carnival..and then again there is this restless feeling and then you come across these lovely pics from a friend. And here you are making plans once more..I love plans i really do (probably more than actual facts) everything seems so ideal and nothing but seriously nothing can go wrong in your plans.
The really great thing about trips is giving you something to be waiting for, all these great expectations but even when they're over they let you keep all these memories, brand new things that you saw or thought,new people, new dreams, new plans, new targets.So, no matter what, do not forget about trips instead go and get them, either we're talking about a real trip or an imaginary one like this post i guess.
Venice stay right there..I'm coming sooner or Later!!

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