Balenciaga, Versace and Jerome Rousseau for Disney

Who could ever expact such a collaboration? Still the executives of Disney saw a great chance for promotion in investing in fashions's major brands' creativity and of course brand awareness.Balenciaga and Versace were selected in order to design a womenswear and menswear line, respectively, for the up-coming movie produced by Disney, Tron: Legacy. The constantly more popular Jerome Rousseau, designed an exclusive line of shoes inspired by the movie, that will also be available in the mid-November in LA and later by selected retailers worldwide.
Rousseau as a designer that in the past had a successful design cameo in the Imaginarium of  Dr Parnassus, therefore exeperienced in the film industry was at the same time working for his latest collection inspired as a coinsidence from sci-fi films.Rousseau says that even though given complete freedom he remained astonished and heavily inspired by the film.The hi-tech  atmosphere and modernity presented in the film were perfectly captured in edgy stilettos but still female and sexy.Rouseau points out: "I wanted it to be something women wanted to wear, not just a salute to Tron—something that conveyed the mood and cool modernity of Tron without falling into a trap of a contrived design."

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